Oh, Coward!

Oh, Coward!

Music and Lyrics by  Noel Coward
Production Devised by  Roderick Cook

Two Acts, Revue, Rated PG

Interspersing his songs with biographical anecdotes and sketches from his various writings, OH, COWARD! celebrates the life and work of British legend Noel Coward.

A wildly successful playwright, composer, lyricist, librettist, director and actor, Coward did it all with equal skill and abandon. His work and personality enchanted the world for over fifty years, from the time he wrote and starred in his first musical at the age of twenty-three. In countless songs, musicals and plays (including the beloved PRIVATE LIVES and BLITHE SPIRIT), the multi-talented Coward made an indelible mark on the international theatrical landscape with his unique “talent to amuse.” For sheer sophistication, style and urbane wit, only Wilde and Cole Porter could touch him.

A minimal band and small cast allow Noel Coward's memorable melodies and masterful lyrics to shine and make OH, COWARD! an easy, entertaining show to produce – on its own, or as a companion to any Coward play.

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