The Unsinkable Molly Brown

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Book by  Richard Henry Morris
Music and Lyrics by  Meredith Willson

Two Acts, Book Musical, Rated G
Original Broadway version

So long, Dolly! Move over, Mame! Make way for the biggest of Broadway’s “big ladies,” THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN! The Titanic may have sunk, but Molly Brown survived.

This spirited tale of a legendary, real-life American original follows the exploits of Molly Brown, whose feisty determination to rise above her impoverished beginnings leads her from the backwoods of Hannibal, Missouri, to the palaces of Europe. Along the way, she marries a lucky prospector, enters the highest echelons of Monte Carlo society, survives the sinking of the Titanic and, most importantly, earns the approval she so desperately seeks of those “Beautiful People of Denver.”

Funny, light, uplifting and uniquely American, THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN charmed Broadway and film audiences with its irresistible, outrageous title role, in the tradition of such unforgettable characters as Auntie Mame, Dolly Levi and Mama Rose, as well as Meredith Willson’s rousing score, in the tradition of his immortal THE MUSIC MAN.

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