Book by  Peter Link and C.C. Courtney
Music and Lyrics by  Peter Link and C.C. Courtney

One Act, Book Musical, Rated R

Structured as a satirical revival meeting,SALVATION is an unorthodox rock musical that voices the problems, needs and fears of a generation of youth confused by change, frustrated by constraints and yearning for a greater understanding of their world. Smart, rebellious and boldly irreverent, eight energetic, charismatic youths - Monday, Betty, Lou, Farley, Dierdre, Marc, Boo and Ranee - spout forth their anti-establishment philosophy in a heady mixture of catchy, heartfelt rock tunes and incisive, acerbic dialogue reminiscent of the classic 1968 "tribal rock musical" HAIR or the 1996 smash-hit RENT. All you need supply is a small band, a simple unit set of your own design and a passionate need for change!

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Parfumerie (a play by Miklos Laszlo that served as the source material for "She Loves Me") was also the source material for the classic film, The Shop Around The Corner (starring Jimmy Stewart and Maureen O’Sullivan), and the more recent You’ve Got Mail.

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