Blame It On The Movies!

Blame It On The Movies!

Original Music and Lyrics by  Billy Barnes
Musical Sequences Compiled and Conceived by  Ron Abel and David Galligan and Billy Barnes

2 Acts, Revue, Rated G
Original Off-Broadway Version (1989)

A celebration of the greatest music to come from the silver screen.

With a staggering collection of over 75 of the most well known songs from the most well known films ranging from Gone with the Wind to Footloose, Blame It On The Movies! is a delicious romp through cinematic history.

Popcorn in hand, audiences are guided through a cavalcade of the most memorable music from the movies. Blame It On The Movies! features unforgettable tunes from The Wizard Of Oz, Meet Me In St. Louis, The Pink Panther, Rocky, Psycho, Jaws, Goldfinger, The Color Purple and countless others. It's a fun-filled homage to movie musicals, screwball comedies, shoot-em-up westerns, sizzling screen romances, thrillers, action-adventure flicks, historical epics, and auteurs alike.

Blame It On The Movies! will be a wonder at any size theatre. It can come to vibrant life on a big budget or to sleek, polished perfection on the most modest of budgets.

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