By The Beautiful Sea

By The Beautiful Sea

Book by  Herbert Fields and Dorothy Fields
Music by  Arthur Schwartz
Lyrics by  Dorothy Fields

Two Acts, Book Musical, Rated G
Original Broadway Version

Holding court among some of the highest regarded musical pieces, BY THE BEAUTIFUL SEA is an absolute jewel of musical theatre's Golden Age.

Lottie Gibson, renowned vaudeville performer, has returned to her family-owned boarding house in Coney Island to spend the summer. To the delight of the community, dashing Shakespearean actor Dennis Emery is bringing works of The Bard to the seashore town. Rumor has it though, Mr. Emery's sets are being withheld elsewhere. Eager to please her new beau, Lottie writes Emery a check to get his show up and running. Little does she know, her father has "invested" every penny in their shared account. Horrified at what Emery might think, Lottie is sent into a desperate frenzy to come up with the money. The apple of her eye has a few immaculately kept secrets of his own that are far more than financial, though. Heartwarming hilarity ensues as all set about to uphold their reputations by any means necessary.

A riotous romp into a time of sheer ecstasy, BY THE BEAUTIFUL SEA can be a wonderful opportunity for a company to flex its technical muscles or, just as impressive, its ability to imply the complex through the simple; and performers' unique talents are amply featured throughout the show in a variety of ways. This musical is the perfect uplift to inspire nostalgia among seasoned patrons and sighs of romance among the younger.

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