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Phantom Of The Country Opera and Kathy Santen
Music by 
Michael Duff
Lyrics by 
Cheri Coons

2 Acts, Book Musical, Rated PG
Original Version (1995)
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A side-splitting, Country-Western adaptation of the infamous masked opera ghost and his muse.
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The Phantom Of The Opera gets a little bit country in Phantom Of The Country Opera. Featured in the Festival of New Musicals sponsored by the National Alliance of Musical Theatre and produced nationally and internationally, Phantom Of The Country Opera is a splashy, hilarious Country-Western send-up of the classic horror tale.

Operatic sensation Christina ("Chrissy") Joseph leaves a promising career, and devoted boyfriend, at La Scala and returns to her roots in Nashville, Tennessee, singing backup at the Country Palace. Her mother has passed away, and she wants to make it as a country star, like her mother always wanted. In Nashville, she finds an enemy in an aging Country-Western diva and a mentor in a mysterious janitor determined to make her Country Music's newest star. When mysterious things start happening at the Opry, Chrissy finds out there's more going on backstage than she first suspected.

Featuring older roles and a star vehicle for a talented actress, Phantom Of The Country Opera's medium sized cast is perfect for companies looking to do a standard musical. The small to medium sized orchestra gives productions flexibility in bringing the unforgettable, eclectic score to life. Filled with irreverent wit, painful punning, sly contemporary references and more than a touch of the absurd, this shameless romp will have audiences tapping their toes and rolling in the aisles!
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