Book by  Anthony Burgess
Music by  Michael J. Lewis
Lyrics by  Anthony Burgess
Based on the play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, as translated by Anthony Burgess

2 Acts, Book Musical, Rated PG
Original Broadway Version (1973)

A swashbuckling romp with a case of hidden identity, a passionate love story and one unforgettable nose.

Edmond Rostand's classic love story Cyrano de Bergerac has captivated the romantic in us all for more than a century, inspiring countless stage and film adaptations of the immortal tale, including this spectacular 1973 Broadway version of Cyrano with book and lyrics by the pre-eminent translator of Rostand's masterpiece.

A phenomenal swordsman, a born leader and an artistic, intelligent poet with the ability to enchant the hardest of souls, Cyrano is plagued with one tragic flaw-a nose bigger than can ever be imagined. He never comes to terms with his looks and how he thinks he appears to the woman he secretly loves, the beautiful Roxana; thus, when she tells him of her interest in the handsome yet inarticulate soldier Christian, Cyrano helps the young man, acting as his muse and penning eloquent love letters that win her over.

A lavish addition to any season with soaring ballads and rousing word- and sword-play, Cyrano is an ideal star vehicle to boot, Christopher Plummer won the TONY Award in 1974 for his portrayal of the legendary swordsman.

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