Moby Dick! The Musical

Moby Dick! The Musical

Musical by  Hereward Kaye
Musical Arrangements by  Martin Koch
Musical by  Robert Longden

2 Acts, Book Musical, Pop / Rock, Rated PG
U.S. Licensed Version (2006)

A saucy musical of high camp, this whale of a tale is overflowing with double entendres.

Cult hit Moby Dick! The Musical is a giant over-the-top retelling of the classic novel. Originally produced by the legendary Cameron Mackintosh, this audience favorite played the West End in 1992. This goofy romp does to Herman Melville what The Rocky Horror Show does to midnight horror movies!

The girls of St. Godley's School are in trouble! Money for the school has run out and the place will have to close. Leave it to these resourceful girls, and their unflappable headmistress (played by a man in drag), to come up with a plan to keep the school afloat. Using whatever they can find at hand, the girls mount an original production as a fundraiser: a musical version of Moby Dick, featuring their headmistress in the coveted role of Captain Ahab.

Re-conceived with an American sensibility, and cleaned up a bit for licensing, Moby Dick! The Musical features an ensemble of great roles for young women. The catchy, witty score is full of double and triple entendres that will keep audiences laughing in spite of themselves.

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Broadway musicals come from “operetta,” which were introduced to New York in the early twentieth century by European composers.

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