Book by  Elizabeth Diggs
Music by  Harvey Schmidt
Lyrics by  Tom Jones
Based on the picture book Mirette on the High Wire by Emily Arnold McCullyo

2 Acts, Book Musical, Rated G
Goodspeed Opera House Version (1996)

A family musical about the unusual friendship between a strong-willed girl and a tightrope walker who's lost his nerve.

Mirette is a stirring, intimate chamber musical from the creators of The Fantasticks and I Do, I Do about a gutsy little girl in 1890s Paris and a mysterious high-wire walker based on the Caldecott Award-winning children's book. Set in a boarding house for circus performers, complete with real wire-walking and circus acts this magical tale will charm the whole family.

Set in 1890s Paris, Mirette tells of the most unusual friendship between a strong-willed ten year-old girl and a jaded tightrope walker. Young Mirette is delighted when she discovers her mother's grumpy new boarder is none other than the Great Bellini, whose glorious tightrope-walking days were cut short when he lost his nerve. Demonstrating an innate talent for balancing, she convinces the reluctant Bellini - against her mother's wishes - to teach her his craft. But when Bellini, determined not to disappoint the girl, stages a comeback performance only to find himself paralyzed with fear, it is Mirette who must climb the wire and help him regain his courage.

With minimal production demands, an inspiring story and charming characters who will steal your audience's hearts (including the spunky title role and the gruff man whose icy exterior she breaks), Mirette joins the ranks of Schmidt and Jones shows that are sheer theatrical poetry.

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Opening with a small advance sale, word-of-mouth and critical praise made 1776 the sleeper hit of of the late 1960s. It was a hit all over again when it was revived on Broadway in 1997.

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