Book by  Jerome Weidman and George Abbott
Music by  Jerry Bock
Lyrics by  Sheldon Harnick

Two Acts, Book Musical, Rated G
1999 Revision

The story of New York's little man with the big heart, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, is masterfully depicted in the classic feel-good musical FIORELLO!.

With crooked double-crossers and manipulators working the political puppets, “Tammany Hall” is in desperate need of an honest man to snip the strings. With guts and perseverance, Fiorello is just the man to put a bright, new shine on the Big Apple. His rise to power is a strained journey as LaGuardia does his best to retain his continuously positive outlook on life while navigating the ups & downs of his life in civil service.

Set against the backdrop and beat of a a New York City in the midst of change, FIORELLO! is like candy to design teams and audiences alike. It's a witty, sweet valentine to how America's government should be ran and that little man with the big heart will surely attract and charm audiences.

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