Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings

Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings

Book by  Stuart Ross
Lyrics by  Various
Music by  Various

2 Acts, Book Musical, Pop / Rock, Rated PG
Original Version (2006)

The legendary Plaids come back to earth to spread yuletide joy with the greatest Holiday hits of the ages.

Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings
is a brand-new show that offers the best of Forever Plaid tied-up in a nifty package with a big Christmas bow on top! Filled with Christmas standards that have all been "Plaid-erized," our boys are back to do their Christmas Special.

At first Francis, Jinx, Smudge, and Sparky aren't sure why they've returned to Earth for another posthumous performance, but a phone call from the heavenly Rosemary Clooney lets them know that they're needed to put a little harmony into a discordant world. Sprinkled among the Christmas offerings are audience favorites like their riotous three minute and eleven second version of The Ed Sullivan Show - this time featuring the Rockettes, the Chipmunks and The Vienna Boys Choir, and a Plaid Caribbean Christmas which puts the "Day-O" in Excelsis!

This truly "heaven-sent" holiday treat will lift audiences' spirits and fill them with nostalgia for a bygone era of classic music sung in perfect harmony. With only four actors and a combo needed Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings is the perfect holiday show for theatres looking to draw large crowds while using limited resources.

Visit the Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings page on MTI ShowSpace to share and view photos, video, costume and prop rentals and more. Click here.
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