Music and Lyrics by  Justin Paul and Benj Pasek

One Act, Revue, Pop / Rock, Rated PG-13

A contemporary song-cycle about young adults at the metaphorical edge of their lives.

is not a traditional musical; it is an exciting show about four burgeoning adults asking classic coming-of-age questions. Written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul in their sophomore year at the University of Michigan, this contemporary song cycle charming, witty and honest examination of adulthood.

The songs cover such universal issues as love, commitment, identity, and meaning. Characters deal with confronting emotions, escaping expectations, and deciphering complicated relationships. While the show is written for four performers, Edges can easily be performed by multiple men and women.

Encouraging experimental productions, Pasek & Paul want you to explore what happens when we are teetering on the edges!

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