Band Geeks

Band Geeks

Music by  Mark Allen
Music and Lyrics by  Gaby Alter
Concept, Music, Lyrics and Book by  Tommy Newman
Book by  Gordon Greenberg
Originally Produced for  Goodspeed Musicals

2 Acts, Book Musical, Rated PG
Licensed Version (2014)

A high-stepping tribute to high school marching bands and misfits everywhere!

In the tradition of Glee and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, comes Band Geeks - a celebration of the tribulations of the millions who have spent football halftimes pounding out Sousa-like renditions of "Maria." Whether you were in the band, on the team, or in the stands, you'll recognize the woes and revel in the fun of Band Geeks.

With just nine members and dwindling funds, the Cuyahoga High Marching Beavers are close to extinction. When a troubled athlete is relegated to their ranks, Elliott, the tuba-playing band captain and Laura, his best friend, must find a way to unite the band, embrace their inner geek, and save the Marching Beavers.

Band Geeks' uncanny ability to bring smiles to audiences' faces is undeniable. A performer and director's dream, every new character that takes the stage is more dynamic than the last. Expertly structured, the piece can provide an incredibly unique opportunity to feature performers who are also skilled musicians. Perfect for nearly any stage - from your high school or college to your community theatre - Band Geeks is a rousing and triumphant musical for all ages!

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Composer/Lyricist Sherman Edwards was a history teacher turned songwriter from Morristown, New Jersey. He spent ten years working on 1776.

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