Play your show’s full score by adding in your orchestra’s missing instruments.

Many organizations interested in producing a musical don’t have enough musicians to make up an orchestra. OrchExtra® is a sound enhancement system run right from your laptop that assists you by providing the missing instruments on digitized tracks. The program is not intended to be used as the sole source of music for your production; it is recommended that OrchExtra be used in addition to at least three or four live musicians in order to maximize the sound quality of the score.


  • Powerful timeline-based editing interface
  • New Instrument and Output mixers
  • New Score window – idiomatic, rhythmic performance
  • Easy integration with the acoustic band contingent
  • Plain language, marker-based navigation
  • Recordable tempos
  • Integrated signal tests to help you make the most of the system in your theatre
  • Custom hotkeys for navigation, mutes, FX and more
  • Gigabytes of sound samples, all custom designed for each individual show

How it Works

  • OrchExtra is available online, and may be used with your own equipment, which lets you use it longer and install it on multiple computers for added rehearsal flexibility and backup safety.
  • Every part of the orchestration is crafted by a trained musician, and put together with the other parts to create a “sequence.”
  • Each sequence can then be performed, beat-by-beat, using the OrchExtra system.
  • Since each orchestra part is on a separate channel, they can be turned “on” or “off” depending upon the musicians you have available.
  • Your musicians play as usual while the instruments missing from your ensemble (but required in the score) are played by OrchExtra.

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We offer free downloads of five songs to help you decide if OrchEXTRA is right for you.

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