Carlos Laboy

Carlos Laboy

New York born and raised I am a veteran actor, dancer, choreographer, producer and performing arts instructor. During the fall and winter I teach puppetry, acting and recently created a new program called "Teen 2 Teen Insider" a news program by teens for teens, including a thaeter arts class for senior citizens. My credits also include directing and choreographing the first off-off Broadway children’s musical production of “Bugsy Malone”, a screen movie that I adapted for the stage in 1978. I also directed many children’s productions, which included, Where’s The Wiz, The Me Nobody Knows, Chicago, Pippin, Morph, Faces of Lost Youth, a play about child labor which I wrote together through improvisation with my students. My groups performance credits directed by me also include; "How To Eat Like A Child" by John Forrester, "The Kids from Camelot" by Joseph P. Kochiss, and recently, “Bugsy Malone Jr.” and "Into The Woods Jr." a part of The Broadway Junior Collection.

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February 08, 2010

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Schoolhouse Rock Live
What kind a balls were used in the number "Interplanet Janet" to represent the planets? And, where can I get them?
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January 13, 2010

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Finding materials for sets and scenery.
My group will be performing Guys and Dolls Jr.. Where in NYC (We are located in the Bronx) can I have inexpensive materials for building our sets and scenery?
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