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Cast Size: Small (Up to 10 performers)
Cast Type: Ensemble Cast
Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown

Father Bear
The Father in a family of bears that has no worries and cares. Suspicious of humans and very loving towards his family.
Gender: male
Mother Bear
The Mother of the Bear family. Excellent porridge maker and reassuring presence. Can also be tough when she needs to be.
Gender: female
Baby Bear
The Baby of the Bear family. Curious about the world and unfamiliar with humans. Likes to sneak honey from the pot when his parents are not looking.
Gender: male
Puppet Bird
The newspaper delivery bird.
Mr. Locks
A lumberjack who is building a road through the woods. Cares deeply for his daughter, afraid of bears. Good at his job.
Gender: male
Mr. Locks' daughter. An inquisitive, feisty girl who carries around a Teddy bear. Lover of animals.
Gender: female