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Cast Size: Small (Up to 10 performers)
Cast Type: Ensemble Cast
Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown

Danny Hooper
A composer and baseball player in his Junior year of college. Lizzie's loving and supportive boyfriend.
Gender: male
Age: 18 to 25
Vocal range top: A4
Vocal range bottom: A2
Lizzie Fields
A composer in her Junior year of college. Danny's bright-eyed, loving, sincere girlfriend.
Gender: female
Age: 18 to 25
Vocal range top: F5
Vocal range bottom: G3
Alan Mcnalley
A college administrator fighting for the youth and for a second chance. Married to Arlene.
Gender: male
Age: 45 to 55
Vocal range top: F4
Vocal range bottom: B2
Arlene Mcnalley
Alan's wife, a dedicated community volunteer, who is weighing the aspects of a patterned life with children or an empty nest.
Gender: female
Age: 40 to 50
Vocal range top: Ab5
Vocal range bottom: B2
Pam Sakarian
A neurotic, eager, go-getting women's collegiate basketball coach desperately wanting a child. Married to Nick.
Gender: female
Age: 30 to 35
Vocal range top: F5
Vocal range bottom: G2
Nick Sakarian
Danny's collegiate baseball coach and Husband to Pam. Quirky and playful.
Gender: male
Age: 30 to 40
Vocal range top: F#4
Vocal range bottom: B2
Friends, Townspeople