Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

The peasants appear to describe their world, ruled by powerful gods and dictated by wealthy "grands hommes," who never assimilate with their kind ("Prologue / We Dance").

The peasants begin to tell the audience the tale of a young peasant girl who fell in love with a grand homme, named Ti Moune ("One Small Girl"). According to the story, Ti Moune was magically saved from a flood by the gods when she was a child. This is to be her fateful destiny.

Ti Moune, who has turned into a beautiful woman, appears in the fields. She is hard at work but also busy, dreaming of the future and what promises she will seek in her life ("Waiting for Life"). Later, the gods of Earth, Water, Love and Death convene. After hearing Ti Moune's lament, they decide to allow Ti Moune to have her wish, and meet the grand homme ("And the Gods Heard Her Prayer").

The gods have each agreed to play a part in her journey and wager to see which will win: love or death. Agwe, the God of Water, begins by creating a terrible monsoon on the island, which causes a young grand homme named Daniel to crash his car on a slick road ("Rain"). Fortunately, Ti Moune is there to discover and rescue him. Although her parents object, Ti Moune decides to care for him.

While her father, Tonton Julian, goes off in search of Daniel's family, Ti Moune's mother, Mama Euralie, observes Ti Moune's immediate and deep love for this boy. Elsewhere, Tonton Julian discovers Daniel's family, who happen to live behind the guarded gates of a fine hotel on the other side of the island. Meanwhile, the peasants fear Ti Moune's folly will bring the wrath of the gods down upon them ("Pray"). As they pray, a terrible storm is rising.

Inside her hut, Ti Moune continues to care for Daniel and eventually pledges her love to him ("Forever Yours"). Suddenly, Papa Ge, the sly Demon of Death, arrives to claim Daniel. Ti Moune promises to give up her own life and soul if Papa Ge will only spare Daniel. He gleefully agrees to her bargain. As a brief aside, the Storytellers reappear to give a history lesson of Daniel's clan, the Beauxhommes ("The Sad Tale of the Beauxhommes"). In the pantomime, it is revealed that Daniel hails from a cursed family.

Tonton Julian arrives with Daniel's family, and they carry him off in a stretcher. Ti Moune insists on following Daniel. Although her parents plead with her to remain with them, they eventually allow her to leave with their blessing ("Ti Moune").

Ti Moune's journey begins as the storytellers enter, dressed as colorful birds, trees, frogs and breezes. They introduce Asaka, the formidable Mother of the Earth, who promises Ti Moune that she will provide her with guidance and protection ("Mama Will Provide"). As Ti Moune ventures on, the storytellers describe her long, adventurous journey to Daniel ("Some Say").

Finally at the Hotel Beauxhomme, Ti Moune enters Daniel's room, where he lies in bed, still feverish from his injuries. She convinces him that she has come to heal him, and he agrees to let her stay the night. As Ti Moune lies down beside him, the Goddess of Love, Erzulie, appears to preside over them ("The Human Heart"). As Daniel and Ti Moune fall deeply in love, gossip spreads throughout the island about the unlikely love between royalty and poor ("Pray – Reprise").

On a starlit evening, Ti Moune tells Daniel of her dreams for their future. He unexpectedly replies with doubt and uncertainty, explaining that there will be girls you love and girls you marry, but these two kinds are not the same ("Some Girls").

At the Hotel Beauxhomme, a ball is held, where the grand hommes eagerly await a glimpse of Ti Moune. She arrives, dressed beautifully but simply. Daniel introduces Ti Moune to Andrea Devereaux, a young beautiful and elegant girl. At Andrea's request, Ti Moune dances; enchanting everyone at the ball ("The Ball"). As Ti Moune celebrates her triumphant performance, Andrea then asks her to perform at her wedding with Daniel. It is then revealed that Daniel was promised to Andrea as a child many years ago. Ti Moune, in complete shock, is bluntly told by Daniel that he could never marry her.

Now desolate and alone, Ti Moune hears critical voices from the past echoing in her head. Papa Ge appears and reminds her of her promise. He is willing to negotiate, however: instead of surrendering her own soul, she can choose to have her life back by killing Daniel. Reminding her of Daniel's betrayal, he gives her a knife.

Daniel is exposed by the Storytellers. Ti Moune, with a knife in her hand, begins to charge at Daniel when Erzulie appears to remind her of the human heart. Ti Moune throws the knife down, choosing her love for Daniel over her desire to live ("Promises / Forever Yours – Reprise"). Love has defeated death. For her actions, Ti Moune is thrown out of the Hotel Beauxhomme. She waits for two weeks at the gate without food or sleep until Daniel and Andrea pass by her after their wedding, tossing coins to the peasants. She calls out to Daniel. He pauses by her side for a moment before moving on. She curls up in despair and, as she dies, from her hand falls Daniel's coin. Mama Euralie mourns the loss of her beloved daughter ("Part of Us").

The Storytellers appear to tell us of Ti Moune's ending. Asaka lays her to rest in the earth and Ti Moune is resurrected as a beautiful tree, one which will shelter peasants for years to come. Ti Moune will watch over Daniel and his family, and her spirit has set them free to finally love one another ("Why We Tell the Story").