Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Cougar, the central character of this piece, announces at the outset, "This is the ghetto of my mind." As such, this work represents a collage of impressions and a montage of emotions, evoking more of the inner lives of our characters and taking us beyond the familiar literal realities of both the TV Late News and audience preconceptions. He is joined by the rest of the cast, who comment on the sorry state of life as it exists today. They all wish that things could change and that they could get away from things like AIDS, crime, poverty, etc. All of the characters in this revue-like show dream of a better time and place – although they have to face the harsh realities of life around them. There is a great sense of irony with the situations here – a promising life for everyone, in contrast to the harsh realities at hand. These kids only have their imaginations to see them through – that is their only hope. However, in the end, imagination can do quite a lot!

Act One

"Come into My Jungle" Cougar / Company
"Bring in the Morning" Alicia / Company
Rap: "You Wake up in the Morning" Hector / Company
Rap: "You Go to Your Shower" Jamal
"Let It Rain" Alicia / Hector / Nelson / Cindy / Company
Rap: "Got up Late" Hector
Rap: "The Best-Kept Secret" Cougar
"Another Cry" Inez
"The Ghetto of My Mind" Cougar
"Nightingale" Cindy
"Funky Eyes" Hector / Company
"You (Tu)" Inez / Roberto
"Never Stop Believing" Company

Act Two

"Something Is Wrong with Everyone Today" Hector / Lakesha / Jamal / Company
"Call on Your Soul" Cougar / Company
Rap: "Awake and a Dream"* Jamal / Lakesha / Cougar / Company
"Missing Person" Nelson
"Not Your Cup of Tea" Cindy
"The Light of Your Love (La Luz de Tu Amor)" Roberto
Rap: "People Walkin' through the Night" Cougar
"Ghetto of My Mind – Reprise" Cougar
"Hector's Dream (Like Someone High on God)" Hector
"Trip" Jamal
"The Glory of Each Morning" Company
"Deliver My Soul" Lakesha / Company
"Walk in a Garden" Company

*by Bertin Rowser