Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Act One

Ridgefield, New Jersey – 1985. Robbie Hart, wedding singer extraordinaire, is in high demand. Not only do Robbie and his band members, Sammy and George, cover all of the hits, Robbie has a special knack for making everyone in attendance feel welcome and special… and for keeping the party going when emotions run high or family members get out of hand ("It's Your Wedding Day"). A rocking wedding reception comes to life as Robbie finesses the audience, but the stars align when he meets Julia Sullivan, who is catering with her cousin, Holly. It's Julia's anniversary with her boyfriend, Glen, and she hopes he will surprise her with something nice. Holly wonders if Glen is going to "pop the question." Julia stares at the bride, wondering when it will be her turn ("Someday / Someday Playoff"). She catches the bouquet.

Sammy wants the band to be a big success, but Robbie is tied to helping people enjoy the most important night of their lives and refuses to break a gig for the Schwartz wedding to play at the "Battle of the Bands" in Paramus, New Jersey. Robbie's also busy writing a song for his own wedding, which is right around the corner. Julia thinks that Robbie is sweet for writing his fiancée, Linda, a song, but Robbie insists that he is the lucky one. Julia asks to hear what he's written so far and gives him helpful advice on the lyrics ("Awesome"). Julia invites Robbie to sing at her wedding… if she ever has one. Glen calls Julia from his car phone and breaks their date. He promises to make it up to her.

It's Linda and Robbie's wedding day, and his grandmother, Rosie, unveils her surprise: a coin-operated, queen-size bed for his basement apartment. His grandmother tries to tell him about the birds and bees, but Robbie assures her that he knows the basics. He hopes that he and Linda will be as happy as his grandparents have been ("Someday – Robbie's Reprise").

At the church, Robbie takes his place at the altar. The Priest is worried that Linda is so late. Sammy gives Robbie a note from Linda: she's not coming. She just can't see herself married to a wedding singer ("A Note from Linda"). Sammy tells the guests that the wedding is off as George breaks down in tears and Robbie runs off ("It's Your Wedding Day – Reprise"). In the bathroom, Holly and Julia try to think of a way to cheer up Robbie. Julia's mom, Angie, comes in and she and Holly give Julia advice on how to make sure Glen pops the question ("Pop!") At the restaurant, Glen brags to Julia about his job in junk bonds. Around them, one happy couple after another gets engaged as Julia looks on. Finally, Glen asks Julia... and she accepts.

Alone in his basement apartment, Robbie sings to the tiny bride from the wedding cake ("Somebody Kill Me"). Sammy and George arrive to try to cheer him up, but it's no use; he's completely depressed. Sammy gives Robbie a note from his grandma that tells him not to worry – Linda was trash anyway ("A Note from Grandma"). The boys encourage Robbie not to give up and remind him that they have a gig to play that night.

Robbie tries his best to give a good performance, but he sinks into a depression by the end of the first verse. His surly comments crash the party ("Pre-Casualty – Wedding Day"). Julia pulls Robbie offstage and tries to help him put things into perspective, but Robbie can't be stopped. Other unloved wedding guests join in ("Casualty of Love"). The bride punches Robbie in the face, and the party dissolves into a brawl.

Robbie is tossed out into the garbage dumpsters by the groom. Julia comes out to talk to him. Things are going well until Robbie finds out that Julia is newly engaged. Still, she asks him to sing at her wedding ("Come out of the Dumpster"). Julia gets him to pick himself up, but Robbie swears off singing at any more weddings.

Robbie, Sammy and George are playing Jared Shapiro's bar mitzvah. George gives a special blessing in Hebrew ("George's Prayer"). Afterwards, Julia asks Robbie to help her pick out things for her registry because Glen has clients in town and can't make it. She confesses that she doesn't know why Glen is interested in her. Holly and Sammy briefly reconnect on the dance floor, remembering when they used to date.

At the mall, Julia and Robbie argue over china patterns. The clerk mistakes them for a couple and tells them not to worry about getting pre-wedding jitters. At first, they deny they're together, but eventually they play along ("Not That Kind of Thing"). Robbie and Julia meet up with Holly and head to the bridal salon. After Julia selects her wedding dress, Holly makes Julia practice her wedding kiss on Robbie. As they kiss, a feeling of true connection overtakes them. Holly starts to think of Robbie as a potential catch. Glen arrives with a CD player for Julia and ruins things by seeing her wedding dress before the big day. Robbie makes a quick escape and, while Glen is making a deal on the phone, Holly confesses that she's going to ask Robbie out.

Holly, Julia, Glen, George, Sammy and Robbie prepare for a hot night on the town in New York City ("Saturday Night in the City"). Holly is focused on Robbie, trying to get him to like her. Slightly jealous, Julia pounds back the drinks. Behind Julia's back, Glen checks out other girls and tells Robbie that he plans to keep sleeping around after he's married. Sammy is jealous that Holly is paying attention to Robbie instead of him, and Holly realizes that Robbie has a thing for Julia. The evening falls apart as Robbie runs after Julia just in time to see her zip off in Glen's fancy car.

Act Two

Robby has a horrible dream, where Holly tells him that all women care about it money and security. He wakes up in a panic and decides to ask Glen to help him get a real job. Glen starts him out in the mailroom. ("All about the Green")

Holly is cleaning up after a banquet when Julia enters, recovering from a hangover. Julia asks if anything happened with Robbie, and Holly confesses that she kissed him but didn't feel anything. She tells Julia that she thinks Robbie is a little jealous of Glen's success. Julia thinks Glen was nicer when he had less money ("Someday – Julia's Reprise"). Sammy enters to drop off some decorations for Julia's bachelorette party. Before he leaves, Sammy tells Holly that, if she is not careful, she will lose her chance with him. Holly wonders if he might be right ("Right in Front of Your Eyes").

Julia drops by Robbie's grandmother's house with some blank sheet music for Robbie, but Rosie tells her that Robbie went down to Wall Street to get a real job. Julia can't believe that Robbie would give up his music and is furious that he's gone to work for Glen. Robbie arrives and tries to impress Julia with his new outlook on life. He accuses Julia of being into material things and says that she's marrying Glen for his money. She throws the sheet music at Robbie and storms off. When he picks it up, he sees that Julia has had them monogrammed. Robbie realizes that he has made a huge mistake. He goes to a bar to drown his sorrows ("All about the Green – Reprise").

Sammy and George find Robbie in the bar. Robbie confesses that he's in love with Julia, but that he's done with love – he's just going to get a new woman every night. Sammy acts like he agrees and champions the single life ("Single"). Instead of convincing Robbie to live alone for the rest of his life, Robbie realizes that he has to tell Julia how he feels.

Julia asks Angie if she really likes Glen. Angie assures her that Glen's got it all – money, looks, charm – but Julia isn't sure that she is in love with him anymore. She admits that she's been spending a lot of time with Robbie. Angie can't believe that her daughter would throw Glen over for a wedding singer. Julia, in her wedding dress, stares in the mirror, trying to imagine herself as Mrs. Glen Guglia... Julia Guglia... but it isn't working. She imagines herself as Mrs. Robbie Hart and smiles. Sammy, George and Robbie watch from outside. Robbie thinks that she's dreaming about Glen. Julia and Robbie imagine what they would say to each other if they could ("If I Told You"). Glen drives by with some friends and strippers on the way to his bachelor party. Glen pulls over to invite Robbie, and Robbie tells him to stop cheating on Julia. Glen punches him in the face and fires him.

Robbie wakes up to find Linda in his bed. He tells her to get lost, but she refuses. Linda wants to come back to where it's easy and safe ("Let Me Come Home"). Robbie passes out on the bed before he can kick Linda out. Holly drags Julia to Robbie's house so that she can tell him how she feels, but Linda surprises them by opening the door. Linda says that she's Robbie's fiancée again, and Julia leaves. Robbie wakes up and is surprised to see Linda there. He kicks Linda out for good.

Robbie arrives late to his grandparents' anniversary party just as George finishes playing them a little riff on his guitar for their present ("50 Years"). Robbie apologizes for his recent behavior. Holly asks if he is back with Linda and tells him that Julia was so upset when she found Linda at Robbie's place that she jumped on a plane to Vegas with Glen to elope. Robbie wonders if it's too late. Julia appears in an airplane window, wondering if she's making the right decision ("Not That Kind / If I Told You – Reprise"). Robbie is struck with an idea for a new song for Julia. His friends and family encourage him to go after her as his grandmother takes over the party with a hip hop rap ("Move That Thing").

At the airport, Robbie uses Sammy's credit card to pay for a flight to Las Vegas. Holly is impressed by Sammy's wallet full of credit cards and jumps into his arms. In Vegas, Billy Idol, Mr. T and Ronald Reagan impersonators help Robbie find Julia and Glen.

At the chapel, Julia looks out of sorts. Glen tries to cheer her up, assuring her that they can play blackjack afterwards. Robbie and the impersonators sneak in and, as the fake Ronald Reagan begins to marry Glen and Julia, Robbie steps in to sing his new song – a song about how he wants to spend the rest of his life with Julia ("Grow Old with You"). Glen is furious. To hurt her, Glen tells Julia that he has cheated on her a hundred times. A Tina Turner impersonator punches Glen in the face and drags him out. Robbie asks Julia to marry him. She says yes... as long as Robbie agrees to sing at the wedding.

Robbie and Julia's wedding reception is in full swing. The impersonators from Vegas entertain the crowd as Sammy and George sing. Julia and Robbie have found true love at last ("Act II Finale")!