Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Willy Wonka JR. opens in Wonka's magical chocolate factory, a mysterious place with strange creatures known as Oompa-Loompas ("Pure Imagination"). With the help of the Oompa-Loompas, Wonka, self-described "greatest candy maker of all time," explains that he faces retirement soon, and he is concerned about finding a replacement ("Golden Age Of Chocolate").

Wonka introduces the audience to Charlie Bucket, a poor boy sharing a cramped home with his parents and both sets of grandparents. Charlie steps outside, and the Candy Man kindly slips him a lollipop ("The Candy Man"). Charlie returns home with a newspaper, and the Bucket family learns that the reclusive Wonka has hidden five Golden Tickets in chocolate bars all over the world. The lucky winners will get to visit his factory and win a lifetime supply of chocolate. The Buckets wistfully imagine winning a Golden Ticket.

Augustus Gloop finds the first ticket. Augustus and his mother, Mrs. Gloop discuss the enormous amount of food Augustus consumes each day with a reporter ("I Eat More"). The second winner is Veruca Salt, the spoiled daughter of a rich factory owner. Charlie and his father are disheartened, and Mr. Bucket confesses that he has lost his job. They encourage each other to "think positive" before heading home ("Think Positive").

The Buckets surprise Charlie with a candy bar for his birthday. There is no Golden Ticket inside, and the family hears on the radio that Violet Beauregarde, a rude girl obsessed with chewing gum, has found the third Golden Ticket. Moments later, Mike Teavee, a boy who cares only about electronics, finds the fourth Golden Ticket ("I See It All On TV"). Discouraged, the Buckets go to bed, but Grandpa Joe has one last birthday surprise for Charlie: another Wonka candy bar! They tear the wrapper... but no Golden Ticket is inside ("Cheer Up, Charlie").

Two weeks later, Charlie finds a coin while helping the Candy Man and uses it to buy a Wonka candy bar ("Think Positive – Reprise"). He finds the last Golden Ticket and rushes home to show his family. Grandpa Joe is chosen to accompany Charlie to the factory ("I've Got A Golden Ticket"). Before they know it, Charlie and Grandpa Joe are in front of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, anxiously waiting to enter the mysterious place. Wonka greets them ("At the Gates"). They begin their tour of the factory ("In This Room Here; Factory Reveal Sequence").

In the Chocolate Smelting Room, temptation proves too much for Augustus, and he is frozen in chocolate ("Oompa-Loompa 1"). The tour continues through a darker, scarier part of the factory ("There's No Knowing"). In the Inventing Room, Wonka shows the group an Everlasting Gobstopper that tastes like an entire gourmet meal. Violet can't resist ("Chew It"), but the candy turns her into a giant blueberry ("Oompa-Loompa 2").

In the Fizzy Lifting Drink Room, Wonka tells them not to taste the bubbles as they will make a person float on air. When the tour continues, Grandpa Joe and Charlie are accidentally left behind. They taste a bottle of the Fizzy Lifting Drink and are suddenly floating in the air, unable to get down ("Flying"). Panicked as they float toward a fan, Charlie finds a solution: burping ("Burping Song").

Charlie and Grandpa Joe catch up to the group in the Nut Room, where squirrels sort good nuts from bad nuts. Veruca stands over a chute that declares her a "bad nut," ("I Want It Now!"), and down she goes ("Oompa-Loompa 3"). Charlie and Mike enter the Choco-Vision Room, where Wonka tests sending candy directly through television. Mike ignores Wonka's warnings and flips a switch, jumping directly in front of a camera. Mike shrinks down to a miniature version of himself, and Wonka sends him to the taffy-pulling machine to be stretched ("Oompa-Loompa 4").

Wonka bids Charlie and Grandpa Joe goodbye, promising Charlie his lifetime supply of chocolate. Charlie confesses that he broke the rules by tasting the Fizzy Lifting Drink, so he does not deserve the chocolate. With this confession, Charlie has proved his character to Wonka, who explains that the true prize is not a lifetime supply of chocolate but the ownership of Wonka's factory. Wonka offers Charlie the chance to be his heir, and Charlie accepts ("Finale").