Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

The Pigeon is frustrated that he never gets to do anything he wants ("I Never Get To Do Anything (Part 1)"). He can't even get a hot dog from the Hot Dog Vendor! ("I Never Get To Do Anything (Part 2)") Duckling approaches Pigeon, telling him that he looks so sad. Pigeon begins explaining his woes when he notices that Duckling has a hot dog. She explains that she asked Hot Dog Vendor for it politely. Pigeon is even more angry ("I Never Get To Do Anything (Part 3)"). A City Worker tells Pigeon to move and puts down a bus stop sign where he was standing. This inconvenience further aggravates Pigeon.

Bus Driver joyfully steers the bus to the bus stop ("Bus Driver"). Pigeon is in awe of the bus and Bus Driver. The joy and awe fade away as Pigeon laments the bus leaving and not being able to drive it ("What Could Have Been").

To Pigeon's delight, he hears the Bus Engine! The Bus Driver has stopped again at the bus stop along her route. Pigeon is mustering up the courage to ask a big question when Business Man enters in a rush and gets on the bus. He cannot be late for his first day at a new job. Little Old Lady then gets on the bus, explaining that she needs to visit her new grandchild at the hospital before visiting hours end. Very impatient, Pigeon is about to ask his big question when he gets interrupted again, this time by a Teenager who wants to see the new movie Powerful Guy 12: the Almost Semi-Final Final Battle. Pigeon finally gets to ask - can he drive the bus? ("Let Me Drive The Bus!"). Horrified, Bus Driver and passengers say absolutely not. No matter how many arguments Pigeon gives, the answer is still no.

Pigeon suddenly decides to focus on something new - getting a puppy! He leaves, and the Bus Driver assures the passengers that they will not be late. But just when she starts to drive, the Bus Engine has problems, and the bus breaks down! "Panic At the Bus Stop" ensues. Bus Driver tells everyone to calm down and takes off her driver cap before looking at the engine. Pigeon enters in a panic - with a Puppy. Pigeon is terrified of the Puppy, but the passengers adore it.

While the passengers are distracted, Pigeon hugs the bus and sees the Bus Driver's cap. He puts it on and realizes this could be his moment to drive the bus. Just when he's about to start, the Bus Driver stops him. Pigeon realizes his feet can't reach the pedals and is devastated ("I'm Broken"). Bud Driver comforts Pigeon and tells him that she once wanted to fly like a bird, but when she realized she couldn't, she found something else that gives her joy - driving the bus! She tells Pigeon "there's more than one road."

Bus Driver finds bird feed has gotten into the engine and caused it to break down. She asks Pigeon to fly to all the bus stops down the route to tell passengers the bus is running late. Pigeon makes a huge confession: he never learned to fly. With no time to waste, Bus Driver begins to teach him by demonstrating ("Keep Flappin'"). The passengers join in encouraging Pigeon, and he begins to fly! Pigeon flies through the audience to warn them about the bus running late.

When Pigeon gets back to the bus stop, the bus is fixed! Bus Driver tells the delighted passengers that they will be on time. She promises Pigeon that she will buy him a hot dog and drives away. Pigeon is thrilled about his new "thing" ("Do My Thing"). City Worker shows up again to put up a sign for a new airport. Pigeon has a new question to ask - "Can I Fly The Plane?"