Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

A simple physics test question prompts a group of young people to consider their lives ("Person A"). As each one separately ponders personal dilemmas of connection, they begin to become aware of each other ("Relativity"). One young man steps forward to tell the story of an anxiety-filled dinner with a man whom he's trying to impress ("I'm Allergic to Cats"). Buoyed by that young man's story, one by one, each of the people gathered shares their own tale.

A young physics major grapples with the infinite uncertainty of love and the finite certainty of mathematics ("Pi – Part 1"). 

Two women, friends since childhood, recount the beginning of their lopsided friendship and its inevitable and surprising end ("The End of the Line"). 

Two others find a bond in the clash between parental expectations and personal aspirations ("Great Expectations"), an issue shared by the entire group. 

As the stories unfold, the group begins to sense that there may be a deeper connection between them ("Relativity – Reprise 1"). 

A responsible college student from a stable home experiences upheavals in his life that challenge his once-solid foundation ("Footprint"). 

The young physics major begins to find out, to his horror, that mathematics may not be as finite as he once thought ("Pi – Part 2"). 

A crowded city street becomes the unlikely backdrop for a fantasy of love ("Lipstick").

A man with a secret desire (a love of oranges in the Washington apple region) finds another young man who shares that love and more ("Apples & Oranges"). 

A steely young woman tells the saga of a relationship gone wrong... that left her forever changed ("Me & Ricky"). 

A woman with a troubled upbringing shares the story of her miraculous relationship with her mother ("Promise Me This").

A young woman breaks the news to her friends that she has accepted a proposal of marriage ("Julie's Song"). 

Meanwhile, the young physics major, thrown by his growing uncertainty about math and his growing certainty about love, begins to succumb to the charms of the latter ("Pi – Part 3"). 

Spurred by an overwhelming desire to experience real life ("Relativity – Reprise 2"), the entire group breaks into a wordless a cappella piece that escalates into a contagious expression of human connection ("Relative Pitch").

A regular customer in a coffee shop spies another and tries to gather the courage to say hello ("You Will Never Know"). The entire company joins in, each trying to find the same courage. By now, the group has become a motley, but cohesive, community, able to reframe the simple physics problem into a deeper question about the nature of human relationships ("Person A – Reprise"). Together, the full company celebrates the remarkable interconnectedness of life ("Nothing without You").