Adding Pit Orchestras?

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June 4, 2015
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I am pretty sure you have to get permission for each Jr. Show to add a pit and see if it allowed or do anything to a Jr show. Your best bet is to call MTI and your rep if you want to do that. It will be the fastest way to do it.Spencer
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June 8, 2015
I see what you are saying but I think that Cindy's comments were more call and ask if you can get permission because there is a possibility that you could. But I would seek permission repetitively, ask Showspace Dan, but calling the MTI home office is bestSpence

June 5, 2015
I accidently deleated my prior question, however the reason I ask is based off of this thread : seems like you are allowed to, based on what Dan and Cindy were saying in the last two comments. I may be incorrect and misreading this, as I said before I just want to be sure as so I don't get into legal trouble.