Founding Artistic Director

Christie Jeter is the founding artistic director of the Jeter Backyard Theater in Pittsburgh, PA. She has been developing talent for 28 years. Christie graduated as a performance scholar from the Berklee College of Music with degrees in Music Education and Composition. She served as the head of the Choral Department in the Riverview School District, where she musically directed, prepared and conducted the pit orchestra for the High School Musical. Christie married and moved to Detroit, where she played in a string quartet and conducted the Grosse Pointe Youth Orchestra. When her children were very young, Christie taught Kindermusik, private violin, voice, and piano. Christie and her family moved back to her hometown of Pittsburgh, where she built the Jeter Backyard Theater. Honors include appointment to the Pennsylvania Governor's School of the Arts, Conductor's Apprenticeship with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Performance Scholarship to Berklee College of Music, and (the most important), Freddie G. Fellowship in 2010.

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October 12, 2017
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