Elliot Davis

Elliot Davis

Elliot has written the script, music and lyrics for Loserville, collaborating with James Bourne, with whom he has also written Out There (Youth Music Theatre UK, Riverside Studios 2012). Recently, Elliot co-wrote the book of Soho Cinders with Anthony Drewe (music by George Stiles), which premiered in concert form in the West End in 2011 and recently played a six-week run at the Soho Theatre. Elliot has just received a major commission from BBC Films to write his first feature film. He wrote the book for a new musical in Malaysia called The Secret Life of Nora, which won Best Original Book in the Best Original Book and Audience Choice Award for Best Musical in the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. In 2011, Elliot composed the music for The Silver Tassie, produced by Druid Theatre and directed by Garry Hynes. This production played at the Lincoln Center Festival in New York, summer 2011. Other new musicals written by Elliot include: Best Friends and Butterflies (Ticketmaster Composer Award and Award for Best Musical for Young People) and Once Upon a Time at the Adelphi (TMA Theatrical Management Association Award for Outstanding Musical). Elliot also has a prolific career writing for radio and has written and produced many documentary profiles of the world's leading musicians for the BBC. These include: Neil Diamond, Freddie Mercury's 60th commemoration for the BBC, Barry Manilow, Liza Minnelli, the Bee Gees, Paul Anka, Jerry Herman, James Last and Lionel Bart. Most recently, he wrote 21 original short stories for the BBC in Sugar Plum Story Time, which won the New York Festival International Radio Award. As a musical arranger, Elliot has worked with Stephen Schwartz on re-orchestrating Pippin, commercial tracks for Betty Blue Eyes, and also with George Stiles on a new musical Soap Dish, The Pros, the Cons and a Screw (Derby Playhouse), Fings Ain't Wot They Used t'Be (Union Theatre 2011) and many other productions. Awards: Ticketmaster Composer Award for Best Friends and Butterflies, Best Musical for Young People for Best Friends and Butterflies, New York Festival Award for Sugar Plum Story Time (21 original short stories for the BBC), TMA Award for Best Musical forOnce Upon a Time at the Adelphi, Best Original Book and Audience Choice Award for Best Musical in the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards for The Secret Life of Nora.

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