Jacques Urbont

Jacques Urbont

Jack Urbont's work spans the realms of theatre, film, radio, and television. Growing up observing his father's work on Broadway and in broadcasting, he would later act on Broadway (Decision, Showboat), produce (All in Love, Juno and the Paycock) and compose (Livin' the Life, All In Love). Selected film credits include the themes to Iron Man I & II, Supercops, and the scores to Mission: Impossible, Mannix, Singles, and Young Doctors in Love. Mr. Urbont also appeared in the film Star with Julie Andrews.

Jack Urbont started his television career by writing lyrics and music for Shari Lewis. Following this, he composed themes and lyrics for The Guiding Light, One Life to Live, and General Hospital, which has been heard on television for decades. Additional credits include music for All My Children, That 70 s Show, Winter Olympics, Howie Mandel, and award-winning talk shows such as Oprah, Rosie, and Regis & Kathy Lee.

His themes to the original TV representations of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Submariner, and Thor have also endured (currently three new movies are being made using his music for these Marvel Superheroes). Jack Urbont received an Emmy for Lorne Greene's New Wilderness.

Jack Urbont's songs have been recorded by such greats at Jerry Orbach and Bobby Darin. His music has been on specials for Barbara Walters, Ricky Martin, and Michael Meyers. As a pianist/music director/conductor he has worked with a host of legends: Julie Andrews, Sammy Davis Jr., Donald O'Connor, Jerry Orbach, Merv Griffin, Dom DeLuise, Tyne Daly, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Jerry Lewis, George Burns and Florence Henderson.

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