Max Hechtman

Max Hechtman

I am a Long Island and New York-based filmmaker and a graduate of the Film and Media Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), NYC. My goal is to use the art of film to bring attention to issues that challenge my and other generations, through subject matter and stories that are relatable and impact our lives. My films have screened at film festivals, nationally, including Stories of Strength and Hope: Preventing Youth Suicide, which won Best Documentary at the 2019 LI International Film Expo (LIIFE). In addition to filmmaking, I have been working as a video editor for the past 5 years. I hope to continue my work in production/post-production and pursue film projects, including short and feature-length narratives/documentaries that get people to think, question and open conversations about difficult subjects, but can lead to change and positive outcomes. An avid enthusiast of musical theatre, I also hope to adapt Broadway musicals for film.

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February 10, 2022
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Ensemble parts/set design options/etc.?

Quick question: Are there going to be ways to enable the use of an on-stage and/or off-stage ensemble in case the school and/or theater organization can't afford to use projection screens like the Broadway production did, so they can still involve as many actors/students as possible (ex. the climax of "You Will Be Found?") Plus, will the iconic blue-striped polo worn by Evan in the stage show (yes, the one used in the Broadway show and 2021 film) be one of the rentable materials productions can have the option to use as part of the costumes?

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