Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Connections



Discover fundamentals of musical theatre, learn about jobs in the theatre, explore the characters and plot of The Lion King KIDS and perform scenes.

Session 2: PRIDE

Explore the structure of The Lion King Experience, create an Ensemble Contract and develop a strong community.

Session 3: PLOT

Discover the plot of The Lion King, learn about conflict and resolution and create tableaus from the story.

Session 4: CHARACTER

Discover the actor's tools of body, voice and imagination, experiment with character development and make strong character choices.

Session 5: SPACE

Learn the parts of the stage, explore the process of blocking and create blocking for a moment in The Lion King KIDS.

Session 6: LANGUAGE

Explore the playwright's process, understand character voice and write original scenes.

Session 7: MUSIC

Meet the music director for The Lion King, understand the function of music in musical theatre and brainstorm an original song.

Session 8: MOVEMENT

Meet the choreographer of The Lion King, understand the function of dance in musical theatre and create original choreography.

Session 9: VISION

Meet the director of The Lion King, explore the concept of a director's vision and create a directorial vision for a scene in The Lion King KIDS.

Session 10: SPECTACLE

Explore the designer's process, learn how a director and designer work together and create an original mask design.

Session 11: REFLECTION

Reflect on the various sessions and accomplishments of The Lion King Experience and put everything together for a final performance.