Curriculum Connections

Curriculum Connections



Discover fundamentals of musical theatre, learn about jobs in the theatre, explore the characters and plot of The Lion King JR. and perform scenes.

Session 2: PRIDE

Explore the structure of The Lion King Experience, create an Ensemble Contract and develop a strong community.

Session 3: RHYTHM

Explore call and response, learn foundations of djembe drumming and create original rhythms.

Session 4: RITUAL

Understand the theatrical ritual of warming up, learn various physical and vocal warm-ups and create an Opening Ritual.

Session 5: STORY

Investigate the story of The Lion King, explore dramatic structure, experiment with adaptation and write in character voice.


Learn the parts of the stage and experiment with foundational music, dance and acting concepts.

Session 7: PROCESS

Discover the audition, rehearsal and performance processes for The Lion King and bring them to life.

Session 8: OBJECTIVE

Explore characters objectives in The Lion King, investigate given circumstances and experiment with various acting techniques to perform strong objectives.

Session 9: CHARACTER

Explore various characters in The Lion King and develop strong characters through movement, improvisation and analysis.

Session 10: ENSEMBLE

Understand the importance of a strong ensemble in the theatre, and create original ensemble characters.

Session 11: VISION

Meet the director of The Lion King, explore the concept of a director's vision and create a directorial vision for The Lion King JR.

Session 12: IMAGE

Explore the design process, and discover how a director's vision can be realized through design. Create original mask, puppet and costume designs.

Session 13: TRANSITION

Understand the various transitions used in the theatre, and create original theatrical transitions through design, directing and performance.

Session 14: SPACE

Explore the use of space in the theatre, and use scene changes, set design and blocking to tell the story of The Lion King.

Session 15: SOUND

Explore the use of sound in the theatre, and experiment with microphones, Foley art and underscoring to create the aural world of The Lion King.

Session 16: ATMOSPHERE

Explore how atmosphere is created on stage, and use sound, lighting and movement to create atmosphere and mood for The Lion King.

Session 17: CUE

Discover how various people in the theatre work together to bring a show to life. Investigate the various cues that take place on stage, backstage and in the house.

Session 18: REFLECTION

Reflect on the various sessions and accomplishments of The Lion King Experience, and put everything together for a final performance.