Full Billing



You must give the authors/creators billing credits, as specified in the Production Contract, in a conspicuous manner on the first page of credits in all programs and on houseboards, displays and in all other advertising announcements of any kind.
Percentages listed indicate required type size in relation to title size.
Music and Lyrics by PAUL GORDON
Based on the novel by Jean Webster
The credits for the Authors shall appear whenever and wherever the title of the Play appears on a separate line immediately following the title of the Play and in a size not less than 50% of the size of the largest letter of the title of the Play. No one but producers, prior presenters of the Play and stars of the Play may receive billing above the title, and no one except stars receiving billing above the title may receive larger or more prominent billing than that afforded Authors. 
The following credit shall appear on the title page for all programs of the Play utilizing the original orchestrations of the Play, in first position of the credits for the music staff:
Orchestrations by Paul Gordon and Brad Haak
The following credits shall appear on the bottom of the title page of all programs for the Play:
Originally presented Off-Broadway by
Ken Davenport   Michael Jackowitz
Hunter Arnold   Peg McFeeley Golden  Tres Rosas
Ben Bailey   David Bryant   Caiola Productions   Carl Daikeler
Jeffrey Grove   Marguerite Hoffman
Originally produced by a consortium that includes the Rubicon Theatre Company, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and  TheatreWorks Palo Alto, the Gem Theatre, Northlight Theatre, Skylight Music Theatre and David Elzer.
SHORTENED BILLING: Notwithstanding anything to the contrary above, in advertisements of less than 1/4 page size or where only the title of the play, performance dates and venue are provided, the following "shortened billing" is permissable:

Video Warning

If you purchase a separate license to allow non-commercial video recording of this production, you must print the following in your program. ANY VIDEO RECORDING MADE OF THIS PERFORMANCE IS AUTHORIZED FOR PERSONAL, AT-HOME, NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. THE SALE OR DISTRIBUTION OF SUCH RECORDING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED UNDER FEDERAL COPYRIGHT LAW. If you do not purchase the separate license for video recording, you must print the following in your program. The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited