Show History



Commissioned by BBC Television, Bendigo Boswell was developed by the acclaimed National Youth Music Theatre in 1982. With a book by Jacques Deval and Jeremy James Taylor, music by Peter Allwood and lyrics by Jeremy James Taylor, it is a haunting tale of the dramatic consequences that harboring prejudices can have. The show premiered in 1982 at The Brewhouse Theatre in Tauton before then playing the Northcott Theatre in Exeter and finally landing at the George Square Theatre as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Following its success at the Edinburgh Fringe, Bendigo Boswell was then aired on BBC 2 and became part of a documentary that followed the development of the show.

Cultural Influence

  • In 1983, the documentary, "Children's Music: The Making of Bendigo Boswell" was released. The documentary looks at the creation of the BBC-commissioned work from Children's Music Theatre, tracing the development of the play, from auditions and writing all the way through the final performance.