Show History



With much talk about how a particular moment or scene in a movie can elicit an emotional and imaginative response and recall, the creators of Blame It on the Movies! felt that the same held true for many songs from films. A song not only takes you back to the movie and scene with which it is cinematically linked, but it takes you back to the moment in your life when you heard it for the first time as you watched, where you were in time and space and who you were with.  From this idea, Blame It on the Movies! was born.


The musical revue premiered in an open-ended run in January of 1988 at the Coast Playhouse in Los Angeles, where its hit status allowed for a long and successful run. The original cast included Bill Hutton, Barbara Sharma as the Usherette, Anne Marie Runolfsson and Michelle Nicastro.

Riding on the heels of its West Coast success, Blame It on the Movies! then premiered Off-Broadway in New York on May 16, 1989, at the Criterion Center/Stage Left. Hutton and Sharma reprised their roles.

Cultural Influence

  • In true Hollywood fashion, Blame It on the Movies! was so successful that it spawned a sequel, which premiered on October 2 1998, in Los Angeles


  • Blame It on the Movies! was nominated for six Ovation Awards in 1998, including Best Musical (Large Stage).