Show History



Schoolhouse Rock Live Too! is a direct sequel to Schoolhouse Rock Live!  The book was once again written by Scott Ferguson and brings together a number of famous songs from the Emmy-winning educational television show, "Schoolhouse Rock."

The sequel continues on the story of new schoolteacher Tom, the central character in the previous installment.  This time, though, the plot focuses on saving the run-down diner.  The majority of the songs used are new to the Schoolhouse Rock Live! series.  However, there are a few songs that have carried over from the musical's predecessor, namely "I'm Just a Bill," "Interjections" and "Conjunction Junction."


Schoolhouse Rock Live Too! has been performed in a variety of major venues and with a myriad of theatre companies.  The assortment includes the Greenway Court Theater in West Hollywood, Playhouse on the Square in Memphis, Columbus State University and the Highland Park Players.