Show History



Five Guys Named Moe is a piece, written and conceived by Clarke Peters, that uses the music of Louis Jordan. Jordan was a pioneering songwriter and bandleader known as "The King of the Jukebox," and many say that his new slant on jazz music paved the way for rock and roll in the 1950s. Peters, an actor, singerĀ and director, grew up in Harlem at the intersection of 155th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. Remembering his love for the comic lyrics and jazzy beat of Jordan's music that emerged from his family radio throughout his childhood, Peters created Five Guys Named Moe as an homage to this musical giant.

The musical is roughly based on an early musical short of the same name from Jordan, himself. In the song, Jordan describes all five characters, which was the jumping-off point for Clarke's book. The result was a product that combined Jordan's music, audience participation, actor improvisation and pure entertainment.