Show History



Drawing inspiration from Forever Plaid, the four-man musical that has become a huge hit around the world and a favorite among audiences everywhere, Stuart Ross created The Sound of Plaid, which provides high schools and glee clubs a chance to take on the Plaids. Managing to be both old and new at the same time, The Sound of Plaid builds upon the characters and songs from Forever Plaid and features a flexible cast size made up of both male and female performers.


With a book by Stuart Ross and music by various artists, The Sound of Plaid: The Glee Club Version of Forever Plaid builds on the original story and songs of Forever Plaid and makes it more accessible for high schools and glee clubs alike.

The Sound of Plaid first began at NYU's CAP 21 in 2005 as a workshop, under the direction of Drew Garaci. It then had its world premiere at Bradford High School in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in October of 2008, under the direction of Holly Stanfield. This particular production was then invited to perform for a wider audience at the 2008/2009 International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Following this premiere The Sound of Plaid became licensable and has gone on to great success in educational settings throughout the country.