Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"The happy start of a grand family tradition."
– Chicago Tribune

"A tuneful score and warm-hearted humanity that wins over the most bitter of cynics."
– New City

"A classic... humerous and heartwarming... an inheritance to be treasured."
– Chicago Sun-Times

"A marvelous musical... a winner! A perfect blend of story and song."
– WGN Radio/TV

"As the season of holiday sentiment returns, so does The Christmas Schooner. ...This tale of family love shines like a cherished German glass ornament...."
– Pioneer Press, Minneapolis-St Paul, MN

"...John Reeger, known primarily as an actor, has written a loving, lovely book, sparked with humor and graced with tender sentiment for the German immigrant families who are the hearty, folksy heroes of the story. The many songs, by Julie Shannon, are similarly infused with folk vigor, melodiously reflecting Old World tunes and tales."
– Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL

"This musical drama would be welcomed to berth as an annual event.... Certainly worth adding to one's repertoire of Christmas-themed vehicles."
– Shepherd Express, Milwaukee, WI

"This heartfelt musical draws on the Great Lakes shipping heritage and German-American Christmas traditions to create a warmly intimate holiday offering."
– Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN

"The Christmas Schooner transforms historical fact into a generational tale about the importance of family traditions and the challenges immigrants face in meeting a new country and culture....I can't think of a better way....