Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"This musical revue of Tom Lehrer's satirical songs from the '50s and '60s shines by comparison for the sheer pleasure of its wit, which is tellingly evident even in the patter between the more than two dozen songs.... The songs themselves, far from being dated, are as pertinent as when they were written, particularly Lehrer's fabled sendups of environmental pollution, nuclear annihilation, sexually transmitted diseases, pornography, drugs and religion. In some cases, his lyrics have gained from the passage of time."
– Los Angeles Times

"The charm and intelligence of the songs are still in evidence: the lyrics are almost always dexterous, the pastiche melodies almost always clever."
– New York Times

"Satisfying and energetic& a good opportunity to laugh at ourselves."
– The Oregonian

"Tart, witty musical antidotes... fresh and funny."
– Chicago Reader

"Lots of humor... a show that will amuse old fans and new."
– Denver Post