Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"The musical's celebration of even the most seemingly marginal contributions as intrinsic elements of nation-building gives it stirring resonance."
– New York Times

"Entertaining, funny and touching, it is worth catching, not the least because Working has been smartly updated, with wonderful new songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and new characters, based on new interviews, that reflect how dramatically the world of work has changed just in the past three decades."
– New York Theatre

"Winningly reimagined, enhanced and fully engaging... not only pays subtle homage to Studs, the Chicago icon, but also to the work of theater, for which he was a lifelong enthusiast."
– Chicago Sun-Times

"Working remains a moving piece of musical theater, with one of the best scores of the latter 20th century."
– Talkin' Broadway

"Has the power to rejuvenate."
– Herald Tribune