Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"An ingenious, jaunty, sweet but not sticky sweet invention that honors the hit movie while, unlike so many adaptations, happily justifies its life on the stage.  Lapine's book is full of such smart little throwaways."
– Newsday

"Without straying too far from the structure of and characterizations in that film, Lapine and Finn put their own spin on the story, emphasizing and fleshing out certain relationships. Lapine's generally witty book [provides] enough such high points to sustain Little Miss Sunshine."
– USA Today

"The show's moving central ballad, 'Something Better Better Happen,' really hits the show-tune sweet spot, heightening a moment without simplifying or sentimentalizing it."
– The New York Times

"[The song,] 'The Way of the World,' is terrific – a jaunty kvetch from that master of the form, William Finn."
– Vulture

"[The] mix of dark and light – the bitter, almost nihilistic humor counterbalanced by an innocent sparkle – [is] the source of its curiously potent beguilement."
– The LA Times

"Memorable movie scenes where the van gets cantankerous and the family has to give it a rolling start are handled effectively."
– NBC News