Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"FOUR STARS! A rocking new take on the classic!"
– New York Daily News

"FOUR STARS! Freely but fondly adapted by Alex Timbers, and scored with more than a dozen superb tunes by Michael Friedman, this gleeful riff on Shakespeare is a tall, fruity drink of intoxicating delight. Friedman finds the sweet spot between giddy pop grooves and bruised, ruminating lyrics, creating a dual sensation of silliness and heartache."
– Time Out New York

"A wacky good time that fires on all cylinders!"
– New York Post

"Sheer giddy energy propelled by a winning young cast!"
– USA Today

"Literate and loony – there's a generous expansiveness to this Love's Labour's Lost. A summertime confection as tasty and ephemeral as cotton candy!"
– Entertainment Weekly

"Exhilarating – a delightful night of theater. The creative team behind the critically acclaimed Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson has managed to turn the spirit of the original into something completely contemporary. At a fast-paced hour and a half without intermission, it's like the best 'Saturday Night Live' you ever saw. I was exhilarated!"