Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"Anyone who cherishes musical theater and can beg or borrow a child from 4 up might be well advised to make a beeline for Times Square in search of tickets for A Year with Frog and Toad."
– New York Times

"Frog and Toad, a delight for young and old."
– Boston Globe

"Robert and Willie Reale solidly capture the essence and heart of Lobel s characters and stories. Robert Reale s music is infectious, colorful, and rich in melody and character whereas Willie Reale's lyrics are both witty and funny& provides plenty of fun and creativity for children and plenty of nostalgia and heart for the adults."
– Chicago Theatre Beat

"A fun evening, sure to entertain children and adults alike."
– TheatreMania

"Robert and Willie Reale's lively and appealingly old-fashioned musical numbers, which wouldn't sound out of place on a vaudeville stage or a 1940s radio show... therein lies their charm."
– Austin Chronicle