Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

“A brilliant show, you’ll leave the theatre with a big grin on your face.”
– Everything Theatre

“I defy anyone, whatever may be happening in their lives, to leave this production without feeling renewed hope, being profoundly uplifted”
– London Theatre 1

“Take a Physics manual, blend it with the sound of The Book of Mormon, the hilariously nerdy references of The Big Bang Theory, a sprinkle of Chicago, few drops of 'Glee,' bake it in a Broadway bowl, use all the originality you can have.... That’s the successful recipe for the spectacular The Theory of Relativity.
– Live Like Tom

“Whether you’re a fan of musicals or not, make sure you give The Theory of Relativity a go.”

The Theory of Relativity is a joyous, youthful musical exploration of the surprising interconnectedness of our own personal orbits as we stand 'motionless' on this little rock hurtling through space.”
– Broadway World

“The music presents a mix of comedy and heart.”