Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"One of the most glowing creations in the history of the musical theater. ...Filled with laughter and tenderness.  It catches the essence of a moment in history with sentiment and radiance."
– The New York Times

"Fiddler on the Roof is a universal story of hope, love and acceptance, a stunning, joyful and jubilant musical masterpiece."
– New York Daily News

"[Fiddler on the Roof] remains a prime example of how musicals with universally relevant themes can elicit timeless appeal. The show's deeply affecting view of familial devotion, cultural pride, and resiliency in the face of shameful oppression all graced with undercurrents of mythical beauty lend the piece an operatic eloquence."
– Backstage

"One of the great musical comedies of our era."
– Newsweek Magazine

"One of the unforgettable stage musical creations of modern Broadway history."
– Variety

"A remarkable musical.... It always works, perhaps because it evokes haunting, half-conscious memories of a world that still lingers deep inside us."
– Women's Wear Daily

"This spellbinding re-creation of the wonderful world of Sholom Aleichem [is] ...a joyous affirmation that America is the world capital of musical comedy.... Seldom has any musical blended so magically music, dance, mummery and literature...."
– Cue

"Joseph Stein and collaborators have... arrived at a remarkably effective mixture that thoroughly entertains without ever losing a sense of connection with more painful realities that underlie its humor, its beauty, its ritual celebrations."
– Saturday Review

"[Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick] created bittersweet harmonies. It's their rich and poignantly beautiful score that make this show positively unforgettable."
– Chicago Theater Beat