Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"The most scrumptious English tea, with precisely cut cucumber sandwiches, warm scones, fresh clotted cream and a cake tray piled high, could hardly be more satisfying than the sweet, silly, thoroughly enchanting revival of the 1948 musical Where's Charley? ...Impeccable on every level, ...the score blooms onstage."
– The New York Times

"An ear-tickling array of ballads, marches and waltzes."
– New York Daily News

"Difficult not to love."
– Talkin' Broadway

"Delightful.... The spirit of old-fashioned musical comedy is alive and well."
– Variety

"As silly and sweet as its premise... [it fits the innocent spirit of the farce like a snug pair of high-button shoes."
– Los Angeles Times

"Infectiously enjoyable."
– The Guardian