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Cast Size: Flexible Cast Size
Cast Type: Ensemble Cast
Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown

Albie And Artie Coots
Brothers. Mama's boys who long to bring the old-fashioned family music-publishing business into the 1900s. Baritones/ with strong falsetto, must hold tight harmonies.
Gender: male
Alice Tierney
A whimsical debutante who falls for Ned. Sweet lyric soprano.
Gender: female
Bert Coots
A mild-mannered milquetoast who loves Gilbert and Sullivan. Solid character baritone, and fast-patter (Modern Major General).
Gender: male
Betty Gold / Buddy O'reilly
A feisty teen factory-worker who passes as a boy to plug Tin Pan Alley tunes. Strong comedy required, a belter who can sound like a boy. Prototype: A young Judy Garland.
Gender: female
Dickie The Duck And Kid Vicious
Johnny's henchmen. Strong and funny character types with strong movement - tumbling an asset! Character Baritones.
Gender: male
Ethel Coots
The pants in the Coots family and boss at Coots Classics Music Publishing. Strong belter, Sophie Tucker/Merman sound.
Gender: female
Featured Ensemble
May be played by as few as 4-6 actors, with doubling - or parts may be split to feature many more: Pickle Seller, Sausage Man, Apple Seller, Male Song-Pluggers, Female Customer, Music Publishers, Neighbors, Debutantes and their Dates, Beekman Club Band-Leader, Beekman Club Bouncer, Radio Crooner.
Gender: any
Frances Gold
Plainspoken, hardworking eldest Gold sister, who discovers her romantic side with a young uptown gentleman. Strong belt/mix.
Gender: female
Johnny Giovanni
A teen mug from Five Points, who, due to a childhood accident, speaks in rhyme. Character baritone.
Gender: male
Junior Tierney
A Yale-man who finds the depth of his love on the Lower East Side. Lyric baritone - legit, but not operatic.
Gender: male
Johnny's mail-order bride, fresh off the boat from Sicily. Belt/mix.
Gender: female
Mickey Mckee
Brash and funny Bowery street-kid who dreams of becoming the next Irving Berlin; in love with Betty and fierce rivals with her alter-ego, Buddy. Juvenile tenor. Young Mickey Rooney
Gender: male
Stanford J. Tierney
Grandfather of Junior and Alice, a rich and powerful land baron who threatens the Gold's neighborhood with demolition.
Gender: male
Violet Gold
The baby in the Gold family, irrepressible with a strong belt/mix.
Gender: female