Sondheim Tribute Revue

Sondheim Tribute Revue
Choose from a selection of iconic songs by legendary composer Stephen Sondheim to create your own tribute concert.

Sondheim Tribute Revue is a customizable revue featuring the work of the incomparable Stephen Sondheim.

The Stephen Sondheim Society notes that Sondheim was "widely acknowledged as the most innovative, most influential and most important composer and lyricist in modern Broadway history. For more than 50 years, he has set an unsurpassed standard of brilliance and artistic integrity in musical theatre. His accolades include an Academy Award, eight Tony Awards (more than any other composer) including the Special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre, multiple Grammy Awards, multiple Drama Desk awards and a Pulitzer Prize."

And now, you can bring a selection of Stephen Sondheim to your stage with Sondheim Tribute Revue.


How it Works:

View billing and production contract details for Sondheim Tribute Revue here.


What is this a license for?
The license allows organizations to present a tribute concert of Stephen Sondheim songs where both the music and lyrics are by Sondheim.
What is included in the license? 
In licensing the concert, organizations are granted permission to produce a concert of Stephen Sondheim songs. You will also receive the logo pack for Sondheim Tribute Revue. 
Is sheet music included with the license?
No rental materials or resources other than the logo pack are included with the license; organizations are responsible for purchasing sheet music for the songs you wish to perform. This license grants performance rights and includes the logo pack to use for the concert.
Can I orchestrate my own version of the songs?
Organizations are only permitted to use and perform songs using the sheet music available for purchase from a third party.
Can I perform X song?
The only songs permitted to be performed in Sondheim Tribute Revue are those written for stage musicals with both music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim (songs from films i.e. Dick Tracy are not permitted). The rider in the contract for the performance outlines these requirements. 
Can I charge admission to my concert?
Yes! Organizations are welcome to do so and when applying for the license, will need to indicate the number of performances, performance dates, anticipated attendance, and ticket prices. 
Do I need to separately secure ASCAP, BMI or SESAC rights or is the existing Sondheim in Concert license all that’s required? 
In the case of Sondheim Tribute Revue, the license covers everything you need to perform the piece. Organizations did not need to obtain individual song permissions from other organizations.
Can I add dialogue to the show in between songs? 
Licensees are permitted to add remarks and dialogue, but performing any of the show’s scene or including language from the show’s book is prohibited. 
Can I perform any of the scenes from the show related to the specific song?
No. Licensees are permitted to add remarks and dialogue, but performing any of the show’s scene or including language from the show’s book is prohibited. 
Can I wear costumes? 
Licensees are not permitted to wear costumes from the shows associated with the selected songs, but are free to wear any costume not-specific to a certain show.  
Is there a limit on how many songs we can use in total?
There is no limit on the total number of songs performed, but the only songs permitted are those with both music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. There is also a three-song limit from each respective show. The rider in the contract for the performance outlines these requirements.
Can I record or stream my performance? 
No, recording the show is prohibited and streaming / remote performance are not available.
Am I required to use the official logo provided by MTI or can I create my own?
Organizations must use the complimentary logo pack included with the show license.
What am I permitted to do with the logo pack? 
Organizations may use the logo pack on posters, programs and to create t-shirts for cast and crew.  No other merchandise is permitted, and T-shirts cannot be sold or otherwise distributed except to cast and crew.


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August 30, 2022
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Hi, we have applied for a license to perform the Sondheim concert.  It has been a few weeks and have not heard a response. Please advise.

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