CUR8 (formerly ShowTix4U)

CUR8 (formerly ShowTix4U)

Manage your events and ticket sales online and create epic experiences.

A fully integrated project management and ticketing platform that kicks off a chain reaction of creativity to empower events of every kind, everywhere they happen. Your attendees want to select their seats and purchase tickets online, and you want an inexpensive, safe and flexible way to manage your event and box office while deepening your marketing efforts. Manage your show with CUR8 from inspiration through execution.

  • Manage your show easily and efficiently
  • Use curated templates of MTI shows to manage characters, scenes and music rehearsals to save time
  • Enter your MTI license number and sell tickets and livestream authorized shows directly to generate revenue
  • Assign people to roles and organize them into groups to simplify scheduling and communication
  • Leverage the most advanced and intuitive ticketing distribution platform around

Make more time for magic. We take the stress out of organizing events so you can focus on what’s important.

  • Divide collaborators into categories (and sub-categories) to simplify scheduling and communications
  • Connect people to organizations/groups with personalized access levels
  • Enter and access all event data on one intuitive platform
  • Organize event files and assets to simplify distribution and communication
  • Manage and sell events of every kind using your own branding (or use our templates and get creative in customizing them)
  • Keep track of cast, crew, and creative team as well as their roles/tasks/schedules in one place
  • Manage locations easily and efficiently

Take the stress out of scheduling. We make scheduling simple so you can spend more time on what matters most.

  • Leverage our SmartSchedule© tech to create a comprehensive schedule(s) for multiple organizations, events, locations and calendars
  • Schedule by act/scene/roles/ groups easily and efficiently
  • Manage schedule requests across multiple departments
  • Use our filters to view multiple show calendars and groups
  • Easily manage schedule conflicts
  • Access schedules created on CUR8 using your own external calendar without having to sign into the platform

Reach more people, inspire more hearts and minds. Communicate with your cast, crew, and creative team both internally and externally via email or SMS so you can make your moment.

  • Promote and market your event efficiently and securely with our innovative communications system
  • Share information with peace of mind thanks to our privacy settings
  • Leverage simple and efficient two-way, managed communications
  • Create notes for members to discuss specific events, issues, solutions, etc.
  • Share assets in messages
  • Communicate with and notify collaborators via email or text

Turn your passion into ticket sales. Sell tickets in minutes with one of the fastest and simplest systems on the market.

  • Send electronic tickets in seconds via email or SMS
  • Enjoy full box office capabilities
  • Leverage reserved, general admission and streaming ticket options
  • Make it easy for people to share tickets with other guests
  • Pay easily and securely with Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Distribute tickets/coupons to CUR8-managed groups
  • Receive funds securely with multiple payout options
  • Take advantage of our simple check-in system
  • Sell tickets in the US and Canada
  • Receive donations

Share your big moment with the masses. Share Live stream, scheduled, or on-demand content from one intuitive platform.

  • Leverage a fully-integrated streaming platform to share with those who matter most
  • Make your event accessible to all with closed captioning
  • Ensure secure access thanks to unique access codes shared at purchase
  • Works seamlessly with most streaming apps and hardware
  • Select MTI streaming royalties handled automatically within the platform
  • Record a rehearsal and take time-stamped event notes in real time and distribute curated note sets with Film Review

We’re here for you every step of the way.

  • Utilize our staff to train and supplement yours
  • Access the features in multiple ways to choose how you learn best
  • Training available individually, in small groups, or webinar format
  • Tap into extensive video training and FAQ to make navigating the platform easy

We take the hassle out of handling finances. Manage finances for single or multiple organizations from one easy-to-navigate platform.

  • Take your pick of payment options - hard check or direct deposit; daily, weekly or monthly
  • CUR8 never stores credit card numbers to ensure privacy and security
  • Funds are fully FDIC insured, even above $250,000 USDs are fully FDIC insured, even above $250,000
  • We are PCI-compliant and use PC1 level 1 certified card processors (the highest level of certification from the payment card industry)

We’re reinventing the way customer service is done. Count on live support so you can make way for memorable.

  • Count on live support 7 days a week, 9am to 11pm EST
  • Live chat with our experienced and dedicated customer service team
  • Schedule a call at a time that suits you


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