Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

On a spring day in Rainbow Valley, the Sheriff is about to auction off a parcel of land for non-payment of taxes. Property owner, Susan Mahoney, who was born mute, delays the auction until her brother, Woody, can arrive ("This Time of the Year"). Susan heads off to meet Woody's train as Finian and his daughter, Sharon, arrive from Ireland ("How Are Things in Glocca Morra?") Finian reveals that he has "borrowed" a leprechaun's gold and plans to bury it so it will grow into more money.

Finally, Woody arrives ("Woody's Entrance") and, with a little help from Sharon, pays off the debt. To show his thanks for the help, Woody gives Sharon and Finian a share of the land. Finian now has a place to bury his gold. Sharon tells the people of Rainbow Valley about her home ("Look to the Rainbow"), and she and her father are soon welcomed in like old friends. That evening, Og, the leprechaun, shows up, demanding that Finian return his stolen gold. Og is scared away when Sharon and Woody arrive, looking for Finian ("Old Devil Moon").

The next morning, knowing that gold has been found in Rainbow Valley, the Senator tries to buy the land now owned by Finian, but he will not sell. Before leaving, the Senator disparages the workers on the land for "looking different" than he does.

Sharon is washing clothes ("How Are Things in Glocca Morra? – Reprise"), when she is approached by Og, who is quite smitten with her ("Something Sort of Grandish"). Og hides as Woody approaches. The lovers begin to quarrel, but they are interrupted by the arrival of friends. Finian has hatched a plan to get Woody betrothed to his daughter ("We're Havin' a Party," "Sharon's Getting Betrothed," "Woody's Getting Betrothed"). The Senator tries to buy the land again, making bigoted comments about the "rainbow-colored" Sharecroppers. Sharon is not happy and wishes the Senator looked just like the Sharecroppers... and, because she is standing over the buried gold, the wish comes true!

A Sharecropper announces that gold has been found in Rainbow Valley ("That Great Come-and-Get-it Day"). Finian and Woody convince the Sharecroppers not to dig for it, but once Susan is alone, she discovers Finian's gold and moves it ("Dance of the Golden Crock"). A few weeks later, the people of Rainbow Valley are rejoicing ("When the Idle Poor Become the Idle Rich"), and Finian has convinced Sharon and Woody to marry. The Sheriff enters and threatens a murder charge on Susan if the Senator, who has not returned since Sharon "changed" him, is not found by Tuesday.

In the woods, Og encounters the transformed Senator and realizes that what he really needs is a new inside ("Fiddle-Faddle"), not outside. The "cured" Senator is happy again and is soon welcomed as a member of the Passion Pilgrim Gospeleers ("The Begat").

Just before the deadline, Finian finds Og and pleads with him to change the Senator back. Og doesn't know where the gold is, but when he mistakes Susan for Sharon ("When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love") he falls in love with her. As Og searches for his gold, he wishes that Susan could speak since she might know where the gold is hidden. His wish comes true, and Og realizes where his gold is buried. Og decides to stay mortal so he can be with Susan, and uses the last wish to change the Senator back. Sharon and Woody are saved, and the Senator returns a changed man. Finian sets off to keep hope alive throughout the world ("Look to the Rainbow – Reprise," "Finale Ultimo/How Are Things in Glocca Morra?" "Curtain Act II/That Great Come-and-Get-it Day").