Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Act I

MAY WE ALL takes you to Harmony, Tennessee, “the town that sings”, where music used to flow through every part of town like the water supply, but lately hope is drying up. Two years ago, when local sensation Jenna Coates left Harmony to pursue her dreams of stardom as a Country singer in Nashville, her family and friends saw nothing but success for her ("Born To Fly"). Now, Jenna is broke with no job prospects. She returns home to retrieve her Grandmother’s guitar, a special family heirloom that is worth a great deal of money. Her plan is to sell the guitar and return to Nashville as soon as possible.

>Danny’s Place, now owned by her childhood best friend, Liz, is Jenna’s first stop when she arrives in Harmony. Liz is surprised to see her ("Who Says You Can't Go Home"). Jenna tells her that she’s home to attend her brother’s vigil. Liz is curious as to why she’s making a point to attend Danny’s vigil now, but she’s touched by the gesture and thrilled to have Jenna home. Pretty soon old friends, including Jenna’s ex-boyfriend, Dustin, join them in the bar. Everyone is shocked and ecstatic to have their local celebrity home. Due to some carefully curated Instagram posts, they assume Jenna has a very glamorous and successful life in Nashville. Jenna does not correct them, hoping to get out of town before anyone figures out the truth.

Jenna quickly learns that Harmony has also fallen on hard times—many businesses have closed and people who were once very active in the community are out of work. But Jenna’s ex-boyfriend, Dustin, has a plan. He and his new girlfriend, Stephanie, are bringing Neighbors Square, a big box store to Harmony. The store will provide many jobs and infuse the town’s economy. Together, Dustin and Stephanie will save the town! Jenna is not wild about this plan, or about Dustin moving on for that matter, so she blurts out that she’s working with Country music legend, Bailey Stone ("Play Something Country/Unbelievable"). The town is elated with this news and decides she’s in Harmony to scout backup dancers for a music video. In her haste to end the conversation, Jenna leads them to believe that this is the case AND that they can all be backup dancers in her music video.

Jenna’s next stop is her childhood home. Her arrival surprises her mother, Crystal, father, Harley, and sister, Kylie ("American Kids"). Crystal and Harley are over the moon to have Jenna home, but Kylie is suspicious and rolls her eyes when Jenna mentions that this will be a quick trip. When Jenna asks Crystal for Rosemary’s guitar, Crystal is curious about why she wants it after all these years. Jenna tells her that she needs inspiration. Crystal is so happy that Jenna wants to get back to her roots, none the wiser to Jenna’s financial situation or plan for her mother’s beloved guitar.

The next day, Jenna explores town and runs into Dustin at the old bandshell where she used to perform—he eats his lunch there. They talk about their past and their different paths for the future, but ultimately decide to stay friends ("Can't Go Back"). Eventually Kylie interrupts, angry to find Jenna at her spot--apparently, she and Dustin have lunch together sometimes because Kylie does not have any friends her own age. After Kylie storms off, Dustin makes it clear to Jenna that she has not been there for Kylie or for Harmony.

Dustin, Stephanie, and Liz attend a town hall headed by The Mayor of Harmony. Everyone in the town is airing their grievances, but Stephanie comes forward with the plan to have Neighbors Square come to Harmony. Some people, including Dustin, don’t know if this is the right plan. The Mayor tries to reassure them this is the right step for better opportunities. ("Revival")

Jenna comes home to find that Crystal has found her Grandmother’s guitar – But Crystal still wants to talk to Jenna about why she never comes home or why she hasn’t heard from Jenna. ("Why Haven't I Heard From You?")

Jenna returns home deflated but determined to make things right with Kylie. She apologizes for not being a good big sister ("Rainbow"). Kylie confides in Jenna about her off the charts PSAT scores. Jenna realizes that Kylie can have her pick of any college she wants. Jenna is supportive and excited for her, but Kylie does not believe her dream is possible because college is too expensive, even with scholarships. She doesn’t even want to tell their parents. Jenna tells her that she’s home now and she’ll help her figure this out—sister project! Then Kylie rushes Jenna out, reminding her that she needs to get to the vigil for Danny.

Jenna is inspired by the vigil and all the love that exists within the town ("Broken Halos"). She assures everyone that together they can make things better and that she will be there for them. Everyone, including Dustin, rallies around her. (“May We All”).

Jenna is so taken with the moment that she forgets herself and says, “This is why I came back here. To fill up on this Harmony feeling.” The townspeople remind her that she came back for backup singers, which surprises Liz who thinks she came back for the vigil, and Dustin who thinks she came back for the guitar. As they compare stories, they start to realize there is something fishy about Jenna’s presence in town. Finally, Kylie bursts in and blurts out that Jenna came back to sell the guitar. In a rush to get to the vigil, Jenna left her phone at home and Kylie saw a text from a potential buyer. Dustin, Liz, Kylie, and the rest of the town are heartbroken, leaving Jenna alone to reflect on her failures, both in Nashville and in Harmony. (“Born To Fly Reprise”).

Act II


Most of Harmony, including Crystal is in Zumba class, and the gossip is flowing (“Achy Breaky Heart”). Everyone is talking about Jenna’s lies. Crystal, still unaware of Jenna’s plans for Rosemary’s guitar, overhears and confronts Jenna after class. Jenna comes clean and tells her that she ran out of money and lost her apartment. Crystal is appalled that Jenna spent two years in Nashville and never got a job. She tells Jenna that she is embarrassed for her.

Later that morning, Liz is working at the bar and is fixing a chair, when Joe asks her what she wants. When she tells him she’s not sure – and she doesn’t know if anyone knows what they want – Joe tells her that he knows what he wants, and he wants to be with her (“Simple”).

Jenna gets a job at the Chicken Shed. While she’s working the drive through window, Stephanie comes in and asks her to write a jingle for Neighbors Square—it would be a great opportunity for her. Jenna reminds her that she’s a singer and not a songwriter, but says she’ll think about it. When Jenna returns home from her shift, she faces her family and apologizes for the lies and for not appreciating how hard Crystal and Harley worked. She also jokingly shares Stephanie’s offer to write the Neighbor’s Square jingle. Harley, Crystal, and Kylie think it’s an amazing opportunity and Jenna reluctantly agrees to do it (“We Were Rich”). After they celebrate Jenna’s news, Jenna tells Harley and Crystal about Kylie’s PSAT scores. She suggests that they sell the guitar to pay for tuition. The family is joyful, their bond stronger than ever.

While Jenna is mending fences at home, Dustin is at Danny’s Place talking with Liz. They both admit that they’ve forgiven Jenna, but Dustin has no idea what to say to her. Liz suggests he think of a gesture to show her he cares. When Jenna walks in, Dustin gets nervous and leaves immediately. She apologizes to Liz and tells her about the jingle she is writing. Struggling through writing the jingle, Jenna tells Liz that they need to have a Harmony Sing, like they used to. The event will cheer up the town and bring people together. Liz tells Jenna she always has her back and that she loves being a part of a bad idea…

Later, at church, the citizens of Harmony all agree to audition for The Sing. With Tammy leading the charge (“Same Boat”).

Jenna and Liz hold auditions for the Sing. By now, most of the town has decided to forgive Jenna and shows up to audition (“The Auditions”). Dustin, who never sings, auditions with Jenna’s favorite song. Jenna can’t believe he remembered, and Liz is proud that he found his gesture. After auditions, Jenna asks Liz to record a video of her playing a new song on the guitar (“Back To My Boots Jenna Guitar”). She needs to send a video to the buyer.

Joe and Liz are at Danny’s Place and Joe reveals a sign he made for her. They decide to try their relationship out together. (“One Man Band”).

Dustin meets Stephanie at Danny’s Place. He tells her that he does not think Neighbors Square is the right solution for the town and she tells him that she and the company agree. They’ve decided to build the headquarters elsewhere and she needs to leave tonight to get there. She asks him to go with her, but they both know that his place is in Harmony. They part ways amicably. After that, Dustin goes to meet Jenna and they reconcile and talk about their relationship (“We Were Us”.)

When Jenna arrives home late from working on the Sing, her family can barely contain themselves while they tell her that she left her phone at home yet again and that Bailey Stone called. Unbeknownst to Jenna, Bailey Stone has been the buyer for the guitar all along. She loved Jenna’s new song in the video and wants to record it. She wants Jenna to come to Nashville tomorrow so that she can meet with her—she meets with all her songwriters. Jenna reminds them that the Sing is tomorrow, and she can’t desert the town. Crystal, Harley, and Kylie tell Jenna she has to go, that this is her dream. They leave Jenna to think about it and call Bailey Stone back. (“Who I Am”).

The next day, at the Sing, the town comes together. Jenna, who decided to stay in Harmony, and Dustin share the news about Neighbors Square and reassure the town that there will be a solution—enter Bailey Stone! Bailey Stone surprises everyone and performs a duet of Jenna’s new song with Jenna. She says that when Jenna told her she could not leave this town, she had to see it for herself (“Back To My Boots”). She will bring new opportunities for the town. Dustin and Jenna get back together, and Harmony begins to heal, there may not be a happy ending every time, but there’s always another verse - kind of like a Country Song. (“One Big Country Song”).